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Hello, beloved souls!

I've always held a deep belief in the transformative power of human connection. It's through the incredible people I've crossed paths with that my curiosity has blossomed, leading me on a magical journey into diverse spiritual realms. Along the way, I've explored practices like numerology, astrology, intuitive readings, and meditation, each offering profound insights into life's mysteries while nurturing a sense of inner peace and grounding within me. These experiences have not only enriched my own journey but have also strengthened my faith in the limitless potential of the human spirit.

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, I found myself experiencing burnout, prompting a quest for soulful restoration and unveiling the healing wonders of sound baths and Reiki. Inspired by vivid dreams and nurtured by mentors, I wholeheartedly immersed myself in these modalities, eager to learn and share their profound magic with others.


My passion extends beyond personal growth; it's a heartfelt calling to contribute to the collective healing of humanity. I'm thrilled to offer my services and accompany others on their path to wholeness.


Join me on this sacred journey toward greater peace, purpose, and enlightenment.

With boundless gratitude,

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My Mission

Healing Services

My mission is to integrate healing practices into the heart of the Ottawa community, ensuring accessibility to Reiki and sound healing for everyone through affordable and community-centered services. By nurturing healing, balance, and well-being, I aim to spark a ripple effect of positivity throughout our community.

My Values

I know just how important trust is in allowing you to journey safely and heal deeply while in one of our sessions. That's why we believe it's important you know our values. At the core of my mission lies a steadfast commitment to these values


I am dedicated to fostering well-being for self, community, and environment. Through ethical, trauma-informed, and person-centered practices, I create a nurturing space where healing flourishes. My values prioritize holistic care, empowering individuals with integrity and compassion on their healing journey. 


I believe in the power of meaningful relationships—with ourselves, others, nature, and Spirit. Our commitment to nurturing these connections propels us forward. Through my work, I aim to help individuals discover and foster bonds with all aspects of existence. Together, we champion sustainability, harmony, and growth, honoring the interconnectedness of all beings and our planet.


My aim is to create a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive environment for marginalized and gender-diverse individuals in our community. I uphold a zero-tolerance policy towards violence or hatred— Our dedication lies in creating safer communities and a world where equity is tangible.

Together, we work to break down barriers, uplift voices, and pave the way toward a future where every person feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

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